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...November 13th 2018

Online video TUTORIALs showing you ‘How To’ do things shown in the BusBlog...https://www2.sch.im/groups/multimediavideo/weblog/35d12/Cross_Curricular_ICT_How_Tos.html
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YEAR 6 have been learning about Arthur Caley the Manx Giant - with the help of a few special effects... MORE...

TWENTY YEARS (!) ago the Isle of Man’ s “computer bus” was launched... MORE

Now 20+ years as a computer bus, this is one of the longest lived projects of its type in the world.

Back in 1998 the I.T. world was a different place. The internet was a mystery to many and much of the earliest days on the computer bus were spent explaining how to launch a browser (Netscape Navigator) and search the web using “Alta Vista”.

Today, whilst much has changed, much remains the same as the young people of the Isle of Man climb aboard for a trip to THE FUTURE aboard our unique Telecomputer Bus...

You can look back on past visits of the computer bus and keep up with this and the final year by visiting the Bus Blog (RIGHT).

Computerbus is operated by the Isle of Man Department of Education and Children ICT Division and since 1998 has been sponsored by Manx Telecom.

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